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  • PM3200


PRODUCT / Introduction

Using 32-bit high-performance DSP, 24-bit/48K sampling pure digital professional all-in-one effect amplifier, suitable for professional users and home users.

4.3-inch true color touch screen, IPS type, resolution 480X272, high-brightness industrial grade. Beautiful interface, simple function operation, especially suitable for home users.

3 inputs and 1 output HMDI, version 1.4, supports 4K display, 3 sets of playback device input options, ARC function realizes all-digital lossless sound transmission between TV or projector and this product.

Dual-mode Bluetooth, Bluetooth digital audio playback to achieve high-quality music playback, and the same mobile phone applet to achieve mobile APP. A mobile phone can play Bluetooth music and APP control.

U disk music player, can play lossless music, supports multiple formats of MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC/APE.

Optical digital audio input, 2 sets of analog audio input.

Music 7-band parametric equalization, suitable for home users; easy adjustment of high-pass filter

Pitch function of music.

Wireless all-digital microphone, 24-bit/48K sampling, low latency, high signal-to-noise ratio, low distortion, long transmission distance, stable and reliable transmission, two all-metal handheld microphones with high-definition large-screen LCD screen,

2 sets of analog microphone input and built-in A/B microphone.

The microphone 7-band parameter equalization is suitable for home users; the high-pass filter is suitable for professional users.

The unique microphone feedback simulation algorithm has 3 levels of intensity adjustable.

Professional echo effect, 3-band parametric equalization, high-pass filter and low-pass filter.

Professional reverberation effect, 3-band parametric equalization, high-pass filter and low-pass filter.

The output channels can be independently mixed, high and low frequency divider, main output 3-band parametric equalization, center\subwoofer 3-band parametric equalization,

Professional stereo AB analog power amplifier output.

The initial value and value of the volume.

Has 8 groups of user parameter storage and recall, wireless infrared remote control function.

Wireless infrared remote control function. Real-time control of all parameters through PC software.